I didn't grow up knowing I was destined to be a wedding planner (gasp). I grew up creating lyrics to songs, costumes from miscellaneous clothes, plots and characters, all to stage plays, sing in shows and generally increase the happiness of the people around me. And when I wasn't doing that, I was re-arranging the furniture in my room, organizing my notes for school and color coding my closet.
(Read: an inventive, creative and organized child.) 


Lucky for me, that, a great education, and five years working in corporate events for a Fortune 500 company lead to what eventually became this company in 2014. You've got to be equally as creative, whimsical and inventive as much as analytical, detail-oriented and proactive in this occupation and that's where my strengths not only lie, but intersect..


 I'm a believer in tossing in all the crazy, potentially cool ideas before ruling anything out. I'm a believer in experiences over things. I'm a believer in the marriage over the wedding.  I'm a believer in quality over quantity. I am a believer in coffee. I'm a believer in writing things down. I'm a believer in beauty. I'm a believer of letting your wedding reflect who you are more than what you are technically supposed to do.  


I made a career in increasing people's joy, decreasing their stress, becoming the voice of reason, organizing the overwhelming, creating beauty and generally over delivering. So rest assured, regardless of your event size, budget, timeline, creativity (or lack thereof) we will collaborate on the best options possible for maximum happiness potential. 

But that's enough about me... what can I help YOU with?



Wife | Married to Mackenzie for 11 years

Mama | To 2 precious babies, Maddox and Merrick

Fur Baby Mama | To Moneypenny (from James Bond), we call her Penny

Lover of Musical Theatre | Dream job is a lead on Broadway

Amateur Chef | Second dream job would be a Food Network Personality

Worship Leader | Crossings Community Church

Quality Brand Enthusiast | Previous Columnist and Attendee at NYFW

World Traveler | 9 Countries, 30 States and Counting 

TV Cameos Include | "Gown Crazy" and "Randy to the Rescue" on TLC

Furthest Destination Wedding | Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Loves | Paper Planners, Mother Jeans, Hot Coffee, Rifle Paper, Ranunculus, Gingham, Thai Food, Tom Hanks, Christmas

Hates | When You Sneeze Right After Applying Mascara

Weirdly Loyal To | Grey's Anatomy, The OPI Color "You Don't Know Jaques" 

In A Previous Life | MAC Artist, OSU Pom, Miss Oklahoma Contestant

Currently Watching | Friday Night Lights

Currently Reading | "The Rose Code"
Currently Loving | Trying to Learn Tennis
Currently Stalking | Still searching for some printed Gucci mules to go on sale and new lighting for our house!