"Signed, sealed, delivered. I'm yours!"

-- Stevie Wonder
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If I had a nickel for every time a client told me, "I would write it but I hate my handwriting!"... I would have a lot of nickels. Fortunately, you are working with an organizer who has not only fun handwriting, but the passion to always improve it and get you to your desired hand written inspiration! 

Provide us with the information you want and the quantities needed and we can take care of it! You can provide the chalkboard or writing surface for your signage or if we have the rental available, we can rent one for you! 

Large Chalkboard/Sign - Text Only


Send us your inspiration for welcomes, menus or informational signage and we will doodle it up for you! We can provide the chalkboard to rent or you can purchase/provide your own chalkboard or signage material to keep. (Image Credit: Kristina Gaines Photography)

Small Chalkboard/Sign - Text Only


These chalkboards are great for displaying food choices or small menus as well as signage on favors, wedding hashtags, memory tables, guestbooks, etc. 

Food Signage

$1.50 per sign

Tell your guests what they are about to enjoy with some fun and beautifully doodled food labels. Preference is the name of the game here -- tall, short, chalkboard, on flags, on picks, you name it! (Image credit: Amanda Scott Photography)

Table Numbers

$2.00 per sign

Invite your guests to their table with a handwritten number! Provide the frame or the paper/material you prefer for it to be on and we are happy to get you squared away! (Image credit: Aubrey Marie Photography)

Birthday Stat Board - Text with Small Artwork


Provide us with the stats and we'll get it on a board for you! Great for first birthdays, first days of school, etc. Can be in a permanent paint pen to keep or can wash off with chalk! 

Envelope Addressing

$1.50 per envelope

You want a hand addressed envelope but you don't have the budget for calligraphy nor do you want to do it yourself -- no problem! Give it to a (self proclaimed) professional doodler! 

Wedding Program Chalkboard - Text Only


Looking to save on the cost of printing 100+ programs? Put all those important names on a board, prop it up on an easel and be done! (Image credit: Kristina Gaines Photography)

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