As a planner, the job is to professional organize events; so it's no surprise that organizing closets, pantries, playrooms and offices is up our alley! 


No closet or space is the same size-wise, storage-wise or content-wise so our rates are hourly based on your situation and the timeframe to complete our job. (Although a 4-hour minimum time block is preferred.)  It is my goal to make it affordable, maintanable and dare I say, fun?!



Cute calligraphy? Happy hand lettering? Chalkboards, mirrors, thank yous, invites and more! 

If you're already using Meg as your wedding planning professional, see what she can do for your wedding signage! 

Got a big chalkboard in your house you have no idea what to put on it? Call Meg and have her doodle you up something to hang in the house!


You just need help and you don't even know where to start. 

Professional event advice and design advice given here.