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Wedding Wednesday: Forrest Fairytale

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Instead of adding all my gals highlight reels as options in the wedding package pages, this series is an opportunity for you to see some real-life Meg Owen Events weddings and the brides behind them!

Today's wedding is such a treat for the outdoor lovers. My bride (and very first corporate coworker) came to me with an idea to have her wedding at her in-laws property which boasted an adorable clearing of trees that made an ideal setting for a ceremony. To pull this off we needed a tent for the reception, many outdoor preparation and contingency plans as well as a beautiful end-of-summer day. All of which we got!

As all weddings do, challenges presented themselves (which is why you should hire quality professionals who have the know how and the experience to weather the wedding storms) and one of this wedding's "challenges" if you want to call them that, was that I would be 37-weeks pregnant at the wedding! We were hoping, wishing and above all praying that Maddox would hang out in his cozy house and let me make it through the event -- he did! Phew!

Kara wanted a simple backyard wedding with food she thought her guests would love as well as personal touches specific to she and her groom, Ryan. Ryan is a pastor so it was important to them that they not serve alcohol at their wedding, so to accommodate, we flooded a trough full of ice and nestled vintage glass-bottled cokes (and other flavors) in for guests to enjoy the nostalgia! Since their ceremony and reception were both outside in the hot Oklahoma summer, a buttercream frosted cake would have (more than likely) melted into goo alas, the cookie bar idea was born. Kara is partial to her moms cookies so both the mothers of the bride and groom made all the cookies fur our cookies and milk bar. Kara's mom even made them a 3-tier cookie cake for them to ceremonially cut into!

I knew from the beginning that Kara's relationship with her father was special but the detail I loved the most was the invitations. Kara provided a watercolor that her father painted for her to Paper and More and they turned it into such a special invitation and a tiny piece of art for all the wedding guests.

Speaking of dads, the funniest wedding detail goes to these guys. The dads worked in cahoots for WEEKS writing a rap to surprise the couple as their official toasts. To this day I catch myself singing, "we be the dads at the wedding" and remembering that no one else knows what I am half-sing/rapping.

And lastly, not much of a dancer or not much of a dancing atmosphere, Kara opted out of a first dance and instead did a first "chip" with her dad. Kara has grown up an athletic person and is often found at the golf course with her father so light up hoops filled the pond as Kara and her dad chipped glow in the dark golf balls into the net - when their chip was done, he turned over his golf club to Ryan to play with Kara.

Kara wanted her florals to be of "woodsy" detail and while we left the personal flowers up to Tony Foss, I did her simple reception centerpieces. See some of our favorite snaps below of our simple, semi-homemade wedding.

Hues She Used: Ivory. Green and Outdoor Elements

Vendors We Loved:

Photography -- Amanda Scott Photography

Wedding Planning -- Meg Owen Events (then listed as Mrs. MO Events)

Venue -- Personal Residence in Piedmont, OK

Hair and Makeup -- Dakota from Makeup Bar

Transportation -- Fore Wheeler Golf Carts

Invites -- Paper N' More

Catering -- Bricktown Brewery

Bridal Attire -- BHLDN

Wedding Cookie Cake/Cookies -- Brides mother and mother-in-law

Floral -- Personal flowers by Tony Foss Flowers, centerpieces by Meg Owen Events

Rentals -- Marianne's Rentals for Special Events

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