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MOE Birthday: Lumberjack Party

Welcome to a new series of posts highlighting some of the great kids birthday parties we've done throughout the years. My hope is that it...

1. Gives you an idea about a party you might want to host

2. Reminds you that we rent complete party rental packages for parties we've already designed -- thus you getting the benefit of a one-stop shop box (or boxes) of the rentals to have your very own pre-designed, pre-tested party!

3. Gives you an excuse to call and hire Meg to help host your next birthday party!

Enough business, now onto the cute.

Maddox's party was obviously a personal event for me -- but it's just so fresh on the brain that I can't help but share it first! We set up shop at my grandparents in Tuttle, OK. Their land was going to be the sweetest, tree-iest backdrop for our lumberjack theme, {enter Oklahoma weather.} We sadly had to move the festivities up closer to the house due to the chance of thunderstorms but we still had a great time snuggled chowing down on chili and watching the kids enjoy the tee-pee and chocolate cake!

We set up a chili bar complete with toppings for adults and kids alike with "Lumber Lager" available for the grown ups and a log cake to boot! It was a feast big enough for the burliest of babies.

Hues She Used: Red, black, white and "wood"

Vendors We Loved:

Event Planning & Design, Photography, Catering and Rentals: MOE

Cake: Maddox's Great Grandma, "Mamaw"

Party Hashtag


Our amazing wood wall is now available as a rental either with this party package or without it! Would be a cute display wall behind a tradeshow/pop-up market table or a cute photo backdrop as well!

"Don't Feed the Bears!" Our favors for this party were sweet mason jars filled with teddy bears for our little guests.

When your BFFs pull through clutch with a red Coleman dispenser and you already own all things woodsy and camping, no brainer!

Bevs for the dads

"chopping" by!

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