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MOE Birthday: "You Are My Sunshine" Party

Since it's still sunshine-y {and HOT} in Oklahoma, we picked the sunshine party to spotlight this week!

This party is an oldie but goodie and is the the product of having multiple (good) plans for your party and why hiring someone to help can be of great relief in times of stress. Here's out our shiny party went down:

Plan A. Have party in beautiful house with newly remodeled rooms. Display food in the kitchen, kids in/outside. Low-stress. Ready, GO.

Plan B. Attack of the flooded-currently in process of being refinished basement! House being aired out. Need new plan. Have it a the park!

Plan C. All the reserved spaces are taken, drat! Utilize a park that's spaces are first-come, first-served. There's an adorable one in Nichols Hills. Call all guests and inform/re-route them to new party destination. Plans to reserve gazebo first thing Sunday morning.

Plan D. Someone with a lousy folding table and some dinky balloons snaked the gazebo!! Plan D, picnic under a tree.

It's totally funny now but it was touch and go there in for a while! In the end, beautiful, sweet Olivia got an adorable sunshine picnic party with shady trees and access close to the playground for all the big kids!

I love working for this family. Jessica, the girls mom, is a former colleague of mine and we operate in similar fashion -- come up with fabulous theme, think of every idea possible to do at it, try to reign it in... never mind, do all the fun things! Her girls parties have been some of my most favorite to help design and work.

Hues She Used: Pale yellow, lemon yellow, pink, white

Vendors We Loved:

Event Design, Food Staging: Meg Owen Events

Photography: Laura Eckel Photography

Cake: Andrea Howard Cakes

Cookies: Paisley and Plaid

Rentals: Marianne's Rentals

Popcorn: Popcorn Pharmacy

All photos provided by (the amazing)

Laura Eckel photography

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