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What's Your Bouquet Personality?

Over the years I've had many brides and while trends come and go, something I can honestly say has been SUPER different about each one was their wedding bouquet! Some opt for a really bold splash of colors against their ivory dresses, some prefer a cleaner palate. Some want simple and easy to carry and some want an overwhelming piece of floral art! There's romantic, ethereal, bold, organic, free flowing, structured, interesting, monochromatic, bold, you name it -- they can make it!

Because I was in the floral frame of mind, I dug up some bouquet trivia for you...

Did you know: That the tradition of a wedding bouquet (is widely believed to be) originated because weddings often used to happen in the midst of the summer heat (hello June in Oklahoma) and that might not have coincided with limited baths a person was to receive that year. So the groom would give the bride a bouquet to mask any odor she might be putting off, how romantic!

Also brides were considered very lucky on their wedding day and so at the end of the wedding, she often had to fight off guests trying to rip pieces of her dress off as a lucky charm! So to outsmart the guests (but still wishing to bid some good luck on one) she tossed her garter and/or bouquet and made a run for it to keep her dress in tact!

What I love most about bridal bouquets is they are a beautiful representation of the brides personality. If you were have described my clients to me and showed me pictures of just the bouquets, I'm fairly confident I could match them all up correctly!

What is your bouquet style?

Lauren carried a lush peony-filled beauty with sweet ruscus and ribbon tendrils hanging down. The color palate was PERFECT -- which was just like Lauren to have such an attention to detail in tying everything together.

Bouquet -- Yours Truly Floral

Photo -- Katie Hadley Photography

If you follow me on Instagram, you recognize this gal, whom I lovingly named, "Julia". Jen carried Julia and Jen's whole wedding philosophy was "eh, just keep it simple!" Jen is unphased by the details and wants to just have a good time. When I say have a good time, she and her hubby played jokes on each other the whole day! Sign me up. I love a person who's like, at the end of the day, I want to be with the person that makes me laugh and today shouldn't be taken so staunchy -- I wanna start laughing WITH you today as your wife and keep the rest simple. So that, we did. She said I like white and green and I said, "ok."

Bouquet -- Meg Owen Events

Photo -- Travis and Hayley G Photography

Kyle carried a perfectly fall-i-fied bouquet with deep maroons and oxbloods in it with the grey-green dusty miller to balance it all out. Her bridesmaids carried mini versions of her bouquets which is also perfect for Kyle's personality of wanting everyone to feel special and loved and just generally "together"

Bouquet -- New Leaf Floral

Photo -- Aubrey Marie Photography

Nicole's Bouquet was an "anything goes" experiment. Nicole was my very first bridal bouquet to construct at MOE and she had full trust that I would make it glamorous and winter-friendly without being cheesy and I think we nailed it. I mean, what's not more glamorous that big, beautiful Juliet roses and creamy peonies!? Totally Nicole's personality to see the best in people and trust their strengths and not stress about the outcome -- when I had her trust to put her fun-loving personality into a winter bouquet, this babe was born!

Bouquet -- Meg Owen Events

Steph is just classic and no drama. Classic beauty, classic taste, no drama or stress surrounding this day. She just wanted to marry Numair and be with her friends. Steph is ALWAYS the most complimentary and friendliest person you'll ever meet. There's just no room for fluff because she just wants to be there and love you and have a good time. She's like give me something classic and pretty to hold and I'm good with it!

Bouquet -- Tony Foss Flowers

Photo -- Aubrey Marie Photo

Lex is kind of a visionary. She's lived so much life and knows what she wants. When she described her vision to me there was only one person I could imagine being her florist and with one meeting we were a match. This wedding was at it's core, beautiful and authentic. Alexa and Chris' relationship is beautiful, honest and they have a true partnership. When she said I want this garden beauty with some interest in it (in the form of huge succulents) I said, we've gotta go to Camden!

Bouquet -- Emerson Events

Photo -- Kristina Gaines Photography

Such. A. Show.Stopper. Sarah is just one of those amazing people that just "deserves it". She is such a hard worker, a wonderful and kind friend and this bouquet was full of color and was so strong (because of it's size) and that's so Sarah, just this beautiful, sweet, strong person!

Bouquet -- The Fleuriste

Photo -- Aubrey Marie Photo

Molly is my smily, gentle, silly, pun-loving bride. And tell me this bouquet doesn't make you smile?1 It's just so full of soft, sweet colors! We laughed about the "billy balls" in her bouquet which makes me smile thinking about it because it's something only Molly could appreciate!

Bouquet -- Little Shop of Flowers

Photo -- Emily Warwick Photography

Kara, my natural, nutrition-loving, healthy living beauty. When I see this organic, herb-filled bouquet, I can't think of anything more perfect for her. For starters, it smelled AMAZING. But it was also filled with funky, earthy textures of the rosemary, thistle and drumstick allium and it wasn't too overwhelming for her size because I really felt like Kara didn't want ANYTHING to distract her from Ryan that day. No bridesmaids, a beautiful outdoor ceremony, everything was orchestrated to limit the outside "noise" that would keep her focus or attention on anyone else but him!

Bouquet -- Tony Foss Flowers

Photo -- Amanda Scott Photography

Callie. Callie is the happiest bride I've EVER had. And what is more happy than Christmas music and Santa at a wedding?! These little pops of red and lush peonies and the evergreens are everything that IS Callie. Happy and stunning for always. This bouquet was a perfect kiss of Christmas!

Bouquet -- Penny and Irene's

Photo -- Abby Coyle Photo Artistry

Now that I've gone THIS far down the rabbit hole, I wish I had time to track down all my brides with their bouquets because I've truly loved them all!

I'm always on the hunt for beautiful combinations of shapes and colors and textures to enhance the floral side of our business but I don't think I'll ever lose the "ooohhhh aaahhhh" mindset of seeing someone else's amazing work! There are some AMAZING floral artists here in the city and I'm so fortunate to get to work with them on a regular basis!

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