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Word of the Year -- Wins and Losses

To be honest, I'm glad I made myself sit down to write this post because while I want to slow down and savor all the movies and cookies, I find myself just hustling away with work and trying to weave Christmas into what has turned out to be our busiest "season" in 2017. I have told everyone that the transition from fall to winter is the new "summer" in my wedding world.

But I was changing planners for the next year and my goal note fell out of my old one. I feel like goal setting does not necessarily come easy for me because I have SO many different facets of this business and of my personality in general that I want to try to improve in every year. I never have one resolution but rather 10-15 crazy things I want to do or accomplish in the next year and when I revisit them sometimes I feel discouraged because there was no way I could tackle each and every one?!

So in 2017, I chose a word instead of a crazy bulleted list. It was growth.

I broke up my word into the four main categories of my life and tried to find a few measurable goals for each area and some reminders of every day activities to help me grow in immeasurable ways.

Growth in Prayer

My goal was to journal more. My initial goal was to journal once a day and to be honest, I big fat failed there, I did journal with more intention and finished a complete Bible study called Seamless as well as started a journal TO Maddox with prayers and hopes over him to give him someday. (Since I'm already being honest, this was really spearheaded by South Africa. Knowing that so many aspects were out of my control, I wanted to write down stories and pray over my son in the event something ever happened to me -- I wanted him to know me and know God's plan for his life was incredible. A morbid and sad motivation, but nevertheless, it scared me into doing it. And in doing it, it lessened my anxiety about the situation little by little.)

Growth in Purpose

My goal here was to REALLY assess if certain clients or extracurriculars aligned with the goals for our personal family life or my business plan. I tried to limit my yesses and revaluate what might seem like good opportunities to always have room for the great ones. (South Africa = a GREAT yes!)

Similar to prayer, my failure and success went hand and hand here. I found myself stretched a few times with opportunities that were only "good" but I also found a strength to turn down a major opportunity because I felt like there was something better. And the better thing turned out to be the opportunity to attend a major floral and event workshop in 2018 thanks to the money wisely saved on not pursuing the first opportunity. (Circling back to the prayer section for prayer in thanksgiving, wisdom and discernment!)

Growth in Practice

I really wanted to grow in floral and hand lettering for business and vocally for personal extra curricular this year. This was the area that I feel like I just skipped over entirely! I felt like I was DOING all the things, and didn't put the time in to PRACTICE them. (Hence the importance of my 2018 word below)

Growth in Profit

I felt like I had the most success here and not because I ended up with the most money I've ever made (in fact, I laughed out loud when I typed that... if you want to make big bucks, don't get into event planning!) BUT I felt like I took leaps and took projects that stretched my comfort zone. I was consistent in my media planning (errrr minus blogging maybe) and worked my tail off in developing an efficient system for inquiry to completion for weddings specifically.

I took organizational clients, I did the private events, I styled a shoot, I hit my ideal number of weddings and got a business mentor. I got an online bookkeeping system, updated packages, updated contracts, updated on boarding and even got interviewed on the news?! I could really tell that this was the area that I REALLY leaned into this year and I'm proud to look at all the action items under this list and see which ones I can highlight off with pride.

If you've made it this far, you can see how all of those successes have failure in the mix as well. I can't tell you how many things have frustrated me this year, how many things have hurt my feelings, how many things I've not understood but you can't be a resilient person if you've never received or experienced pushback.

When I look at this list and see it's individual failures, it doesn't rock me like it used to. I look at them and see a consistent theme... why weren't these done? And that's helped lead me to shape my 2018 word(s)... Depth and Discipline.

In 2018, I hope I can dig DEEP into the things that REALLY matter to me (personally and professionally) and can become a more disciplined person to make sure that those smaller goals don't go unchecked. Because for me, those smaller goals are the ones I think make the most difference in your bigger goals.

I've often heard that story of filling a jar with golf balls, rocks, pebbles, sand and then water. When it's filled in the RIGHT order, everything can fit in. But in the wrong order, it's a mess and not everything fits.

I am so proud of the growth I've made this year and am looking forward to applying that growth in the right directions for 2018 to deepen our knowledge, skills and communication for my clients and even friends! Does that mean changes, definitely. Will some people be upset by them? I'm sure they will; in fact, I might even be a little upset with them! But here's to hoping at the end of 2018, I can celebrate a combination of wins and losses and learn from them just the same. Man, I feel like my word for 2019 might already have to be simplify. :)

What is your word or personal mantra for 2018?


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