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Oh, if I had a dime for every time I started a blog and had dreams of scheduled posts and fully pinnable pictures and then lost the time to actually plan and do the posts... well, I'd have a lot of dimes.

Actually DOING the business has kept me from talking about or sharing the business because I always want to put my current clients first and foremost and by doing that, I've often lapsed on updating or sharing our past work. Well, that and telling the free world all my unbridled thoughts. (Just kidding, the world need not know those!)

But seriously, we have done some COOL work and honestly, it doesn't do them justice to just post one highlight pic in an Instagram caption every once in a while. I want you guys to feel and envision their wedding as a whole with their story woven in it. Plus, some of our non-wedding events deserve their day too -- and honestly, people to seem to have an interest in what we do for a living and truth be told, no one would come to a blog to see a post about Excel sheets, contract review, bucket scrubbing, mechanic ordering, floral math and let's not forget the ongoing to-do list on my desk. They'd much rather see the pretty that lies on the other side of the finish line. Alas, reason for blogging number 1.

Reason 2 is purely education. Holy moly is there some misnomers, myths to debunk, semantics to unwind and some education to pass along -- really to everyone! Future brides, industry partners, mothers of the brides and grooms, friends and the like! We want you to have a better understanding of price, service, expertise, experience, industry professionals to give a better frame work to your wedding knowledge!

So here we go. Truly, I could not have started this project at a worse time as we are gearing up for a crazy August with minimal screen time but we vow to not drop the ball on this blog. We may not get a post up like clockwork but when we do you can expect it to be quality images, quality information and quality education.


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