Mrs. MO to MOE: Why The Re-Brand?

I'm a planner. Surprise, surprise. 


But fate twisted my arm in 2014 when we were looking into starting a family and I was surprised to be laid off my current job. I had always known I wanted a more flexible schedule when we had children and deep down I knew that in order to have that balanced life I craved, I would have to create it myself. Thus, Mrs. MO Events and Organization was born. I can say now that I am overwhelmingly grateful for the scary push into the small-business world of the unknown. But this past two years, this little company has done some growing. And, honestly, there are no rules that say you can't re-brand to grow with you... so that's what we did. 


In 2014, due to my planning nature, I felt like I had to have everything all together at once. The logo. The website. The business cards. The Facebook presence. I thought a lot of things...


I thought... if I have a catchy and funny name, people will remember me by it. 

Reality: I was often having to leave messages or introduce myself as, "Hi, I'm Meg Owen and I own Mrs. MO Events...", "I'm not sure they filed that under my business name or just my name." etc. 


I thought... people will totally get the MO part as my initials plus it's only five letters so super easy to associate and remember me by. 

Reality: "You're Mrs. M-O Events?", "Miss M-O", "MizzMO". Ok, to say that it was frustrating to explain your name every time over time is an understatement. 


You might see that a key theme here is remembrance. You wanna know what's even easier to remember than all of that? My name. 



Well, it's 2016 and we are two years older and two years wiser. 


"Hi, I'm Meg Owen. I own Meg Owen Events." {Duh.} 


Here's the key thing about Meg Owen Events: It's just Meg. It's her getting quotes on your behalf, it's her finalizing your schedule at midnight, it's her that's drenched in rain while pulling your twinkling lights out of trees after your reception. It's her hard work. It's her heart for you and the specialness and uniqueness of your event. It's her reputation. It's her paycheck at stake. After all, it's under her name. 


So while the name, logo and website might be new. Know that the heart of this re-brand was for you. I wanted the name Meg Owen Events to be synonymous with being the hardest worker, the most diplomatic, the friendliest, event coordinator and designer. I want you to feel at ease turning over your life's biggest events to someone who cares about them as much as you do that that wants your guests to be thrilled and well-taken care of. I want you to walk away from your event with a smile on your face and a new friend. I want you to love your experience so much that you can't help but share the word. I want you to know that Meg won't let you down. 


So look around the new site and keep your eyes peeled for new blog posts and birthday week giveaways on Instagram! 







Meg Owen

Owner, Designer, Coordinator, Schedule Maker, Dress Bustler, Sign Doodler, Party Planner, Budget Sticker, basically, your all-around Yes Girl. 




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