MOE Birthday: Three Under the Sea

I love The Gleaves


I love Laura Eckel Photography. 


I love this party theme. 



Let me just tell you, one of the hardest parts of wedding design/coordination is that it's not something that would lend you repeat business and the families you are working for, you only GET to work for them once! (And when you love them, you want to work for them lots more than that!) 


Enter kids birthdays and private events. I have a small circle of 5-10 families that use MOE every year for all their birthday parties and private events and I LOVE and appreciate them so much for it! One of those families is the Gleaves and I cannot even believe Colette turned three! I started working with Tara when Colette was about 10 months old and we have done some darn cute parties together -- and Laura has photographed them all! So if you've seen pics of the "Somebunny" is Turning One, Elmo or this one, it's all the same amazing people! 


The theme this year was "Three Under the Sea" as not to pigeon hole us into solely Mermaids or Bubble Guppies, but just all encompassing! I made a huge backdrop to go on the back windowed wall for the kids to peek over and look like they were swimming in it from the outside! 


We also had sunny plans for this party (think, kids pools, kinetic sand tables, water tables, bubble machines) and when the weather turned out (April in Oklahoma) we had to bring it indoors. We were a little heartbroken at first but thanks to fun window clings, live fish, snacks galore we were ok! But what to do with the kiddie pools?? 


A ha!! Blow up a ton of "bubbles" and fill it up! Blue balloon bubbles filled the room, the bubble machine hummed on the back porch and the kids had a blast! 


We had to improvise this year with no kitchen table (Shameless plug if you're looking for a house in Rose Creek, this one is precious and they need to sell it!) but it worked out being awesome for extra indoor activity space! Turning lemons into lemonade left and right, baby!


First seven pics are by the amazing Laura Eckel Photography, last few are just some snaps I took! 



 When you need to bring the ocean to the living room! 


 This is how I feel about dark chocolate, plane tickets to cool places, and musical theatre!


 That REALLY worked out great that the seaweed happens to be over the pond!




 Live fishes for endless toddler entertainment!

 So stinking funny. Little krispies for "fish food"!


 I feel like I can make a lot happen with skewers and crinkle paper! 


 I loved these and they were a total Pinterest win!


 Attack of the jellies!! 



Until next time gang!! 



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